Tuesday, June 29, 2010

modern is

had a great opportunity to comment on a wonderful blog called this photographers life, which defined many different perspectives on what modern is today. modern has many definitions  but here i wanted to share my thought of what modern is today far and beyond design.

self- confidence is modern; being comfortable in your own skin is modern. confident enough to display your passions, to live your passions, to represent them and highlight them in your home. to take the road less traveled. to carve your own path. aspirational pieces have been replaced with pieces that are found second hand, providing a new life to a piece of furniture with a sanding and coat of oil to make it shine, yet again. it is function and necessity. need vs. wants. recycling is modern. modern is making no excuses for what you don't have, but proud of what you do have and making the best of it. this modern confidence is manifested and exhibited through your home through color, or lack of color, photos, art, design. modern is how you choose live your life for yourself, not others. modern is the art of positive.

share your thoughts on what your idea of modern is.


  1. I love everything you said! it was a great comment! So happy to know your blog now so i can come back and comment on it :)

  2. Treating everyone with respect and dignity is always modern and always in style. xoxx, P

  3. Thanks for the comments, ladies.

    Love manners, Patti!