Sunday, September 6, 2009

4 miler taper

well, today was the true test of the inhalers for my bronchitis. yes - it was only 4 milers; a distance that when healthy could be done effortlessly...but now provides me the feeling of someone sitting on my lungs stealing my oxygen. the inhalers helped, for sure since a couple of days ago i could not make 1/4 mile.

so as for today, completed the 4 miles just at 36 minutes; and had a few stops along the way to bring down my heart rate that is beating about 10 points higher than usual due to the bronchitis.

SO - that means i am still running under a 9 minute mile if i take no breaks so on race day, when i am healthy again, i should be in good shape.

ok - no more talking, time to relax the lungs...

on the up and up!

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