Sunday, September 6, 2009

on the recovery

so the thorn in my side (ongoing chest problem); just would not go away, and continued to create chest tightness with each training day, if i was even able to train. after having an extremely unsuccessful run (if you can call it that); since i was only able to make it 1/4 mile, barely, i decided it was time for the doctor. now, the week before, 8 miles came very easily with no fatigue, so what i experienced that last morning run caused alot of fear in my mind. race day is too close for this - and whatever it is , it is not going away. and the weird thing is that i did not feel that bad aside from when i was training, and having an ongoing cough.

so went to the doctors, apparently i had a flu, or infection; and my body fought that off, but i am still left with inflammation causing bronchitis. this had been going on for 3 weeks, off and on; so fortunately the doctor understood and wanted to be aggressive. i have two inhalers, one for daily use, and one for right before exercise; and pills that consist of a steroid component to open my airways.

my meds began yesterday morning, and i did my taper workout 20 miles ride, 2 mile run. and i could do it. still not myself - but it was done. i still experienced a complete chest contraction and tightness during the first mile of my run, but it worked itself out.

the true test - today on the 4 mile taper run.

it just felt really good to be able to train again, even if it is just a taper work out; and knowing i am not doing any harm to my body.

less that a week to go!!

GO TEAM - I am BACK!!!!

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