Saturday, May 23, 2009

TRI-ing to find the right bike

so many bikes, so many needs, so many wants, so many solutions. options. they are funny aren't they. and there is always a better one, and option to trump all options. there is a lot of truth in the saying that too many options can paralyze you - can cause you to make no decision at all due to the overwhelming amount of options. true.

lets lay this out shall we. suddenly goals are needed to be set, committed to all in the effort to decide on a bike. what level am i? what are my goals with this bike? how will i use this bike? will i grow out of this bike too soon and have to upgrade, and be stuck with a bike that i can't use in a couple of months? seriously - just give me a bike. i will ride it, and will continue to challenge myself in competition; that is just my nature.

well, training for a TRI is certainly something that will cause a desire for a comfortable, lightweight bike that has no trace of vibration against your joints for the long rides. so there we go, that narrows it down to an overall carbon fiber bike. great. these bikes, if they were rated on the dollar signs in the restaurant business, would be a $$$$$. not sure that option weighs well on both sides of the spectrum.

next - aluminum frame bike with carbon fiber fork and seat post. Ok. more in the $$$, getting better.

Lets TRI - off to the bike shop.

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