Friday, May 22, 2009

just TRI

a TRIer in training.

this has been in the back of mind for some time now. a triathlon - how cool would that be, really. the thought would come forward, then go to the back burner, but never left completely. recently i have been reintroduced to team in training and there the idea comes again - triathlon. now the idea is not just staying in my mind, but i am actually materializing it by talking about it, inquiring about it, researching...learning about the different tri's that i could participate in.

so here we go, saturday morning and off to the first trial run of the group training session for team in training. the group is great, so friendly - all working towards a personal goal that is two fold, to gain the accomplishments of training for endurance sports; but more importantly to raise money for the leukemia lymphoma society to save lives. click here to donate:

we had motivational talks, group training breakouts with the various groups - the triathletes, the marathoners, and the cyclists. Then we were off for our run. There were maps for 1-4 milers. i was put with the group of the 10 minute milers or less, and thought - well, i guess i will do 2 miles and turn around, later to find out my group was running the 4. Ok - i am not going to be the one to turn around. so we made a wrong turn on the 4 miler and ended up doing 4.39. ouch.

needless to say, i signed up feeling on top of the world, bending over to sign my forms, hamstrings screaming from the hill in the last part of the run. then the question on the forms asked - what are you training for, and there it was - in writing THE TUGALOO OLYMPIC DISTANCE TRIATHLON, and i checked it off. it is official.

0f course there were some smaller ones, the sprit triathlons they are called - but why consider those when you know they have a big brother called the olympic distance, the younger brother to the ironman.

on top of the world.

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