Friday, May 28, 2010

a glamorous side of an athlete

i am honored, stunned  and enamored to be featured today as an inspiring woman fashionista on the local dash.  there are so many sides to an athlete; the drive, ambition, a slight side of vanity {although some stronger than others}, the perseverance to give the last 10% in everything you do, relentlessness to surpass your goals. those are qualities that are not just left on the race course, but ones that are with us through our daily lives.  that is what will make the difference, and set you just above the rest. but this photo shoot was such a different experience. there was no mental, competitive drive, no giving an extra 10%, no sweat, no heat radiating from your face, no heart pounding through your chest. Instead is was relaxing, wonderful, and amazing to see how the camera captures your personality, your feelings, and how many different sides you truly do have.  Amazing to see how peaceful it can be when you are silently alone with your thoughts without a sense of competition. it was fun to share the softer side of me. but i did enjoy my 6 mile run of repeats this morning done with an average of 8 min mile pace.....

the quandary is finding the healthy balance of both sides; when to give the extra 10%, and when to ease up a bit, and enjoy the moments.

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