Sunday, May 16, 2010

Peacthree City Oly Tri 5/15/10

i had a great race at PTC. i PR'd by 5 minutes from my last race. it was great to race local. wake up in my own bed, and be back to our home afterwards. i was not too sure what was going to happen with this one. i had a really tough race at St. Anthony's on 4/25 due nutrition fouls,  and did not do too much since. light swim twice, a run, spinnervals once, and an easy ride. that was it. i tried to set a goal, then i tried to say that it was sort of a practice, learning race, then of course knew that if i did not pr from St. Anthony's i would have been disappointed.  apparently you are supposed to choose an 'A' race of the season, and then the rest are less than 110% output, but i have not figured out how to do that. one day i will figure that out. 

i am so grateful for a friend and fabulous athlete, Carmen, for advising my on my nutrition. i did well with my nutrition at Tugaloo, my first race; but had terrible issues at St. A's. she took the time to read my race report independently and initiated a whole bunch of very welcomed advice. advice that helped me greatly on my race.  not only advice on my nutrition, but beyond - how to avoid jello legs, avoid stomach upset. proven, helpful formulas. the formula is used, and will continue to use is as follows  

- usual breakfast upon awaking.  
-an hour later (but 2 hours before race), drink elecrolytes, 1/2 cliff bar. 
-1.5 hours before race another 1/2 cliff bar. 
-1 hour prior to swim start, begin drinking a combo of carbopro and electrolytes.

 -race nutrition - bike - carbopro and electrolytes. first sip 10 minutes into the bike, and last sip on mile 20.  mile 1 on the run, gel; mile 3.5-4, 1/2 gel. next race, will use a salt tab at mile 2o on the bike to avoid cramping on the run.

i arrived at PTC race morning with Jorge and Kona as my spectators, got into the water for a warm up and the water was like glass. spectacular.

line up  was at 7:15 with a friend and teammate, and off at 7:30. every 5 seconds 2 people were into the water.  what i realized during the swim, is that i struggled with was finding just the right rate for my swim. i swim a comfortable rate, not a rate that pushes too hard.  how hard should i push it, i have so much race ahead of me. that is something i will need to figure out. goal - find the best swim race pace. rank 7 swim 28:30 2.0 T1 2:25 

i was out of the water and onto T1. got out of T1 in 2:25 and off i go on the bike. no jello legs! did the kicking intermittently as advised for the last  200 meters to avoid getting jello legs. 10 minutes into the bike i began drinking my carbopro/electrolytes mix. it was very apparent upon review of my splits and by how i feel on the bike,  that i have alot of work to do on my bike. {well- have lot's of work to do all around, too} but i think as i strengthen the bike, the run brick portion will be helped at the same time. goal - get that bike faster and complete OLY split in 1:15 max! rank 13 Bike 1:26:18 mph 17.4 T2 1:10

onto T2 and off to the run in 1:10. would have been faster, but the person next to me racked his bike backwards, so had to squeeze between handle bars.  still some issues on the brick to work through. leg fatigue, shin splits that begin on the top of my foot to the top of my shin. they subsided around mile 2.5, but tough to focus on staying strong while there is burning in those areas. it felt like my feet were banging onto the ground instead of flowing through strides.  i shot a gel at mile 1 as advised.  felt good by mile 3, good energy considering .  i had some issues with my mind wandering on the course during some of the quiet, less populated areas of the course. that was tough.  a slight twinge of a cramp began on the bottom of my left quad just above my knee. another area i sam struggling with, and have struggled with on every brick is feet going numb. at about mile 3, my feet go numb. they have on all bricks.  they go numb from the balls of my feet into my toes. it lasts for about 2 miles and when it subsides, my toes feel alot of pain.  between the shin splints, fatigue, and numb feet - there were alot of stop breaks on the run.  overall, much better that St. Anthony's. no bonking! goal -  to complete the entire brick with no breaks, under 8 min miles with less leg fatigue. 
rank 11 Run 54:29 rate 8:48 total 2:52:50

#131 Christina Ahumada 34 Atlanta GA  - rank 7 swim 28:30 2.0 T1 2:25 rank 13 Bike 1:26:18 mph 17.4 T2 1:10 rank 11 Run 54:29 rate 8:48 total 2:52:50

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