Tuesday, July 14, 2009

back on the saddle

so, 3 days off from injury - 4th day feeling better and hit the roads on the bike. sure, 3 days off - boy should be strong! this will be great! HA HA! really - how about the opposite. your muscles are trained to keep going, and the way we do that is with consistant exercise, daily. 3 days completely off trains your muscles differently - or actually...not at all. so sufficive to say - my ride went from what i thought would be exhilirating, to exteremely painful and exhausting. my legs were reacting like they had never been trained to ride.

Huh. certainly, the 100% humidity and 90 something degrees did not help. training heartrate was 20 beats higher that usual and you could actually feel the heat radiating off the pavement. i felt like i could have heated a room with the heat i was feeling.

anyway - i plowed though, and felt great. got my body moving again after a slow 3 days! fantastic! it was due to the forced rest, that i was able to get going again without pain!

stay focused, conquer!


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