Tuesday, July 7, 2009

it was not a dream...

so i had team swim training last night as i always do from 7:30-9 pm weekly.

i have to admit - there was a small part of my stomach that was worried that the wonderful experience i enjoyed last wednesday at my masters swim was just a good day, or a fluke. it was no fluke. my swim has truly improved, and i got through all the team drills without breaking in the middle of the pool. it all really just came together last week, and continued to come together last night.

i am amazed how all my training really has come together as a whole. team in training is such a great group, with wonderful coaches providing steadfast confidence along the way.

now - off to conquer some climbs...the next chapter of riding training. speed uphill. and now that i know the self fulfilling prophecy's work - i am a good climber, i am a fast, strong rider....i am a good climber.....

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