Friday, July 3, 2009

pure fatigue

phew. something happened this week, or something was done a little differently whether it be training, not eating enough, or properly, not drinking enough water - well the list goes on of what i have to track, but to make a long story short; what started as a very strong week, kicked me in my backside with such force by Thursday night, i barely recognized myself. sore, sore, tired, tried, tired. so tired in fact that i slept until 9 a.m. this morning (thank goodness for the independence holiday). 9 a.m.! i don't remember the last time i actually slept that late - acutally, i ususally loathe the thought of sleeping my day away. to top that even further, i feel like i could have slept more.

my mornings have been beginning anywhere between 4 and 4:45 a.m. since training had begun and really kicked in about 5 weeks ago. so on off training days, my eyes are still opening and ready to go without an alarm by 5:30.

so now, throughout the day - i am needing to amp myself up to prepare mentally and physically for a 40 mile ride tomorrow. so far the max distance i have rode has been 26 miles. but, i have been invited to join this ride tomorrow. i am not turning down this challenge for myself. fortunately the heat and humidity is in my favor. the weather these past few days has been gorgeous since the stagnant, and energy stealing heat and humidity has departed. i had thought i had moved suddenly into the deep south swamps for a while.

so here is my thought process for this ride. apparently the riders are super fast, riding about 20-25 mph average. my average has been 15-19 mph, and a little more if i have a slight decline (i love declines!). i don't plan to be able to keep up, and i am OK with that. i would rather not keep up and pace myself, than try and then not be able to make it back. ....that would be a little embarrassing to say the least! so say i do 15 mph, then it will take me about 2 1/2 - 3 hours, taking stop signs, etc into consideration. and, the route is clearly marked, so i should not get lost. and actually, that causes slight anxiety because when someone tells me it is impossible to get lost, then i do - well, that is slightly embarrassing! HA!

happy 4th ...let's ride to cure cancer!

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