Wednesday, July 1, 2009

and pigs flew

birds sang, and the choir raised an octane.

CLICK. really - it just clicked. people said it would, but i was feeling pessimistic, so i decided to challenge myself to a self fulfilling prophecy as is stated in a prior post. i am a good swimmer. i love to swim. la, la la. AND, for the result......WOW!

i was a master swim this morning at 5:45 a.m. yup - and inside those walls you have no clock, no windows, no idea what time it is. in a weird way it is like Las Vegas casinos ( i did say a weird way). instead of the smell of stale cigarettes and filth, you smell chlorine, health, and the need for competition.

anyhow - being optimistic, i dove in. all of a sudden, it was all coming together. breathing was coming effortlessly, it did not even pose an issue anymore. i was swimming, smoothly. the coach had all but one comment for me to tweak on my stroke...that was it. my endurance has all of a sudden dramatically improved. i cannot believe it. i feel like a new swimmer! we used some of those swimming gadgets to hold your lower body up to prevent you from kicking, and teach you to effectively use your upper body to pull through the water. i am still amazed. and - to top it off, apparently we swam upwards of 2 miles. now, i did miss a few laps due to being a little slow (in regards to speed) , but my race is a .9 miler, and i certainly did not miss 1/2 the laps - so.....that means that i swam my race distance this morning at the very least! WOW!

now - continue to build endurance, and then SPEED! i have a definite need for speed.

clocked 41 mph on a downhill ride, yesterday morning thanks to my cool new bike computer, a cateye wireless.. i was still tapping the brakes because of a blind turn at the bottom of the hill. come on open road...let's go! now, lets get some up hill speed and we will be good.

still have a lot of work to do, but i am inspired to do so!

i swam....just use your self fulfilling prophecy and go for it! see what YOU can do!

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