Wednesday, July 15, 2009

triathlons rock

joined the USTA this morning, the sanctioning body for regulated triathlons. so excited, and cannot wait to sign up for my next traithlon.

this has been such an exhilaration, while exhausting - it provides such an amazing sense of accomplishment in a small amount of time.

race day - Tugaloo - 1/2 way to the day - 9/12. and what a difference from 8 weeks ago!

working on sending in my recommittal paperwork, verifying i am racing in tugaloo! yes, i am! i have also been sized for my tri top - - - TNT branded! phew.

team in training has been such an amazing experience, and will continue to be. the coaches are absolutely fantastic, as well as the people training to cure cancer.
strong minds, strong bodies, determination, and no excuses. absolutely amazing!


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