Tuesday, July 14, 2009

*!%#* injury

injury. the dirty word that rears it head from time to time in training, appearing generally for two reasons aside from an accident; not stretching daily after your training, or overtraining (a common downfall of triathletes).

guess which one got me - yup, overtraining. i was feeling so good from the week before, and focused on strenghening my climbs, i decided how better to do that but go beyond my schedule and add another climb, and oh, why not - another run, too.... just for fun.

well, fun it was - but not for long. i added my extra ride on wednesday evening, rode right to the gym afterwards to teach my weight training class. (not smart). 5 a.m. next morning ran my 5.8 miles of hills, felt good. that evening, ran another 4 miles at a track clinic after my coach advised me not to. (really not smart). after about literally 1.5 miles at the track clinic i felt my legs tightening, fatiguing, hurting. i did not stop (really, really not smart). got home, and knew i had had acted really unsmart. i stretched, used my foam roller, and felt good all except for the entire area covering my right glute. (derriere muscles).

the next day when i awoke, it was all too clear that i had caused an injury. i did it. i fell into the triathlete mentality of taking it just another step further, over doing it (oh, lets just do a few more miles, shall we). well i learned my lesson, and a few things more became clear about myself. i don't have a "take it easy speed".

i proceeded to not be able to do my saturday brick training that i look forward to all week. i could have gone, to take it easy, but as displayed at track clinic - i cannot take it easy. full speed ahead. if i am there, i am going to work....period. so although a very difficult decision, and after talking with both my coach and my husband, it was decided not to attend the brick. heartbreaking.

3 days off from this injury - and you would think i would feel good from this. actually, the first day was nice - but beyond that i was truely going crazy resting my injury. my body has been trained to go, and keep going daily. this rest thing was not going well, and actually each day of training continued to make me more and more tired. it is interesting how the body works.

still working through - soon to be a distant memory.


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