Saturday, August 1, 2009

back up to speed

so these past couple of weeks i have dealt with the ongoing recovery of my glute strain, which turned into inflammation of my bursa (no ideal how to spell that); and was out of town part of the time doing flowers for a nantucket wedding and catching up with family.

of course - where was time for training. well - my plan was to train every day, in a swim/run swap daily. my bike was not brought with me due to the extremely high cost to bring your bike on a plane, and my fear that something would happen to my lil' Blue.

so from my prior posts, there was conversation regarding my injury caused by what else but over training. so theoretically, this time away came at a good time or at least you would think. after giving my glute 5 torturous days off, which by the way, each day made me continually more fatigued; i thought it would be good to go for a light 4 mile run. so i did - was not bad. got my 90-95 stride cadence, and was good. well great, i am healed! next day found a great pool at the high school and did my swim workouts with no problems (btw - i still LOVE swimming). next day decided to do my 6.5 mile run. real smart! that did not go well. my sister met me for my second 3.2 mile loop, and i made it about 2 (well that would be 5.2 since it is my second loop) and my glute began to burn. i decided to be smart and just stop and walk. i even had my sister get the car to come get me when she got back to the house. just brilliant - but have grown to now know that stupid moves to run on injuries will not help you to recover, but only make you further injured.

it is a fun psycological game!

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