Sunday, August 30, 2009

thorn in my side

the thorn is this chest cold that will not go away. it began 3 weeks ago,off and on - bad day, good day, good day, bad day...... i would still train and feel a little bit weaker, but could go on. i traveled to Houston on business, and our schedules were pretty tight, and i was only able to train one day, and ran a 6 miler. by the end of the trip i felt great; completely rejuvenated. i returned home on a friday, and went to my brick training on saturday and continued to train hard until my day off on wednesday. by tuesday, i ran an 8 miler and felt GREAT....until the day went on and i began the downhill spiral to feeling sick again. despite feeling exhausted, and feverish - i taught my fitness class that night - and well, did not get any sleep the entire night because of chest tightness and fatigue, and just not feeling well.

i took the wednesday following off, per the schedule, and while not feeling myself, i began to feel better....until my thursday swim. are we seeing a pattern here! downhill again. are you kidding me - i have a race in 2 weeks. this cannot be. of all things...i do not get sick - Ever!

so i reached out to my coach, and he pretty much said do not train friday and saturday ,and take sunday by ear ( well sunday i was riding my race course at tugaloo - so i was not missing that). he said i was more than ready for this race, and not to worry. if anything, rest may actually help me do better on race day, while being sick for the race will make for a terrible time.

and actually that was experienced today - next blog...

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