Sunday, August 9, 2009

the first ice bath

what a ride today.

let's just say for all those who understand riding and average speeds - here you go.
maximum mileage today 33.4 mph, average speed - 13.2 . can you say CLIMBS?

i did the atlanta cycle vinings route, it is a 21 mile loop through beautiful homes and surroundings through buckhead, but we rode to it from our house, adding another 11 miles to the route. it seemed easier than putting the bike on the roof, and driving there - funny how we think sometimes.

weather was really steamy 90 degrees. we started about an hour later than usual, and wheels to the rode was at 9 am.

it was truly grueling, and spectacular - and finished at about 11:45 and decided to run a mile to get our legs used to the transition of bike to run, which is not an easy one. i have decided to do this from now on, each time i ride - my legs need the training.

so after a great, and challenging week of training, so pains and strains have begin to rear their head. ligaments in my inner ankle are hurting, and a bunch of other random spots in my back and legs - so enter the ice bath. yes - the ice bath. so the icebath is comprised of just that - a 20lb bag of ice and cold water about hip deep. just enough to get all your lower covered. this was not a very pleasant feeling, and was actually pretty stressful. my legs went from experiencing pain, to a weird tingling feeling, to a warm feeling, to well - nothing. and it was not until i got out of the ice, that i realized i could not really walk. it was more of a hobble, hobble, hobble. no time for injuries - need to do what i need to, 5 weeks until the big day!

i am sure this won't be the last ice experience.

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