Wednesday, August 26, 2009

inspired heros

i began my journey with team in training not really having a true connection to the blood cancers that i am training and working to raise money for, but knew it was a terrible disease that too many people are suffering from. in turn families and friends near and dear to that victim are suffering too - that is the reason to simply do something to stop it. that is the reason i chose to accomplish a personal goal combined with a goal to help others.

after training with my team, i have met more wonderful people that i could have ever imagined - some more private about their reasons for training than others; but eventually the stories come to surface. all too many of the people training have a far too close connection to this terrible disease - husbands, wives, parents, children, siblings. everyone training has a connection, a connection that drives them forward to train harder day after day to make a difference for those suffering and to prevent others from suffering in the future.

this disease not only effects those with the disease, but effects their loved ones, in a way that i never want to experience. you can see the drive in their eyes, and the hope & pain for their loved ones that are struggling all while staying strong to conquer the disease they unnecessarily received.

it is for these people, and team members, that my heart and eyes have opened, and have become unbelievably inspired with a heavy heart - i now have my true inspiration to get me through race day. it is for all my team members that have had to become too close to this disease, and for all their family members they are training for. your strength, your faces, your honored hero.

my heart if so full for these people that have found their drive in their sorrow to make a difference.

they are my inspiration, and will be in my head and heart on race day.

they are the true heros. thank you team for your inspiration.

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