Saturday, August 15, 2009


on my way back from my lovely training day & team picnic, super tired and not feeling well, although proud of what was accomplished - was not thinking too clearly and by the time i had gotten home (or almost) - i heard a terrible noise that i very quickly realized was my bike hitting the top of my carport that i just drove under with my bike on the roof. #$%. and actually only an exhale is what came out of my mouth. seriously. i quickly, got out of the car and soon saw that the roof rack was ripped off the roof, and my seat was torn, and well - i took my bike down and saw that the fork looked funny; but not laugh funny. and sure enough the front tire did not fit very well back onto the forks.

i threw the bike into the back of the runner and off to the bike shop. so it looks like the aluminum part of the forks that hold the tire on are bent and full of stress fractures. it cannot be bent back because aluminum will break. so a new fork it is.

not sure i feel like writing more on this.

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