Monday, August 24, 2009

open water times 3

3rd open water swim, this time at Lake Allatoona - full of wind, current, and WAVES. what was a key learning for me, that has happened all three times, is that i cannot eat anything short of 2 hours prior to my swim. i am not sure what it is, but between the current and the waves, my stomach is completely unsettled - not necessarily nauseous - but ready to vomit at anytime unannounced. not good. so solution is not eating shy of 2 hours of the swim. just that.

as far as the monday night swim training - holy cow. we don't call this peak training week for nothing. so - you time your 100 meters, and then add 5 seconds to that. you have to leave the wall after swimming 100 meters every 2 minutes. so - if your 100 meter is a 1:53, then you need to swim 1:58, so you get a 2 second rest between sets. as for the sets - here we go....
400 meter warm up
100 meter race speed
100m race speed plus 5 seconds
200m (2x100)
300m (3x100)
400m (2x200)
500m (5x100)
600m (3x200)

now - in between the actual sets, we get 10 seconds rest.

i have never swam so fast, so consistently. what a work out!

what was slightly disappointing, and especially those who need to accomplish their goals, is that my lane was stopped to begin the cool down in the middle of the 600 set, so were unable to complete it. that was a huge let down.

swim like a fish (or shark for that matter)

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