Sunday, June 21, 2009

figo pasta

spoke to figo pasta, today.

so excited. they have agreed to help me fundraise for the leukemia & lymphoma society! still working through details, but there will be a lunch and dinner that proceeds will go back to our cause. this is really so exciting. we are still working through the details....and will keep you posted.

for those who don't know of figo pasta and live in Atlanta - -----WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?!

figo pasta is a wonderfully quaint restaurant with all the qualities of being in a lovely bistro in italy. fresh pasta, (yes - it is really fresh), spectacular sauces, and decor that truly brings you to europe with creative and scrumptious menu options and service that will be sure to keep you wanting to come back for more! you have amazing sauce and pairing options, you can mix and match each time you go, and will never run out of options. and it is impossible to make a bad choice.

there are many stellar locations around atlanta - give 'em a try.

my fav: gnocchi with the siciliana sauce (red sauce with eggplants, mozzarella cheese, with an amazing spicy, and nutty flavor with fresh basil leaves)...i hope i spelled siciliana right :)

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