Wednesday, June 17, 2009

water water everywhere

3 weeks solid of technique training, twice a week. completely breaking down the stroke into many different parts and sections, all to learn to be an efficient swimmer. you may remember from one of the first posts getting across one lap of a 50 meter was not easily accomplished feeling like my legs were on fire, and my lungs about to be left in the pool- and very daunting that the swim that is needed to be accomplished in september is .9 miles. Now mind you as well, this pool is 50 meters one way, and there is no shallow end . i would estimate the depth to be about 15 you are swimming, and swimming, and swimming with nothing but water surrounding you. i imagine this is to help prepare you for the open water swim to take place at the race

technique drills are over, and swimming drills began monday night. surprise. timing was not stellar for me. after returning from a corporate conference in new orleans on Sunday after arriving the  Wednesday proir- the nutrition and sleep patterns were off. if this was not a group goal with a common accomplishment in mind - the chances of me training that night would be slim to none. nausious and jet we go into the water. pop an power bar and off. this was probaby the first night, i really did not think i could get through a workout due to the way i was feeling. change that mental state, and move on.

 lets see, the workout went something like this.....4x100 meter swims with a 20 second rest between (no resting on the walls); 3 x 150 meter swims with a 2o second rest between; and 3 x 100 meter swims - same rules. one hour of solid swimming. incredible

what a difference. the technique came together. no longer are my legs feeling like they are going to fall off, and my breathing is beginning to come smoother and smoother. what a relief. it is working. 

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