Saturday, June 20, 2009

milestone day

so there are two categories for cyclists - the ones who WILL fall, and he ones who HAVE FALLEN. today was a milestone in that i have exited the will fall category and moved into the category of the cyclist who has fallen (3 times over in one ride). milestone day.

it is funny. the first fall was with no momentum and a full topple onto the right side. slow motion. we were learning how to take our rear tire off properly, change tires, etc., and then were off to a 26 mile ride, full of peaks and valleys. cool. so we are ready, off we go - right petal positioned above the left, right foot clipped in, gear too tight, cannot move legs to get momentum and clip in the left and slowly, as though i could hear whistling like in a cartoon - and over i went. boom on to the pavement. what did i check first - the bike. good god, please don't let there be a scratch. i did bang the derailer, and the ultegra sticker scratched ...but good to go. and i survived my first fall. phew, glad that is over. huh - little did i know.

off i go and up the first hill. something is wrong, the back gears are not catching - the beautiful crisp gears are not working correctly. apparently the alignment was off on the derailer. great, less than a mile down on a very hilly 26 mile ride. continue with the gears slipping - sure.

peak, valley; peak, valley; peak.......chain drops - fall. alright, survived another one. put the chain back on, and started back on the bike in the middle of the hill...bang - fall. this one hurt. thigh landed on a rock. got a good muscle bruise. at this point i was getting really tired, and the heat was really starting to sizzle, not to mention the heartrate beating at a higher than usual pace due to the slight stress of the falls and the slipping gears.

now not sure i was going to continue the second loop to total the 26. the thought and exhaustion was telling me to stop at the first 13 mile. enter goo. for those of you who have not heard of goo, it is a miracle worker. thighs burning, exhausted and hot - goo. goo is not the best texture or flavor, but full of important electrolytes that your body loses during physical exercise. 5 minutes later, feeling great. sure - off to the second loop.

second loop was great. no falls, but still slipping gears. but smooth sailing otherwise. ended my ride on a positive.

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