Tuesday, June 23, 2009

drive towards your weakness, to develop it as a strength

so this is it. there have been many entries detailing the challenges that have been upon me with the swim portion of my triathlon training. while there has been amazing headway made in my stroke, endurance, etc.; patience is wearing thin & i decided to join a master swim program sure to keep me on my toes. i preform best when dropped into a situation of people that will challenge me - so this should be interesting, and i am sure there will be a lot of water swallowed. but i am also sure this is the only way to set me up for strengthening my endurance in the swim with a strong focus.

my focus is great with the run & bike, i can push my limits to maximum capacity, and i always look forward to that training. it is powerful, and i enjoy the mental & muscle strength that is needed. the swim practice on my own, aside from the group swim drills, is very challenging for me to focus & drive myself. so that is why the decision has been made to push my limits to their fullest extent with master swimmers. i am sure to be whipped, but it will be the best thing for me. drive towards your weakness to develop it as a strength.

so, at 5:45 a.m. tomorrow, i am trying my first master swim training. exhale. this is for the best to build what i will need to conquer this triathlon the way i envision - with strength & power; just like the cancer victims we are training for. they did not choose to get cancer, but they chose strength to conquer it.

exhale - just do this.

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