Wednesday, June 17, 2009


so there have been some questions in regards to what i am eating...

well, i am not counting calories, but i am needing to ensure that i am getting in all the nutrients and food components to ensure i do not burn muscle, and stay energized enough to keep up the training.

food is a building block. it is not only about what you ate the day before, but what you ate all the days prior. hydration plays a huge factor too. if you are only 2% dehydrated , your body will preform at a 50% reduction of strength. that is HUGE.

here is a daily run down of what i have been eating..

breakfast: wake up - 1 cup oatmeal


post workout: 2 scoops of protein, with oatmeal and fruit shake

mid morning: 4 egg whites, with 2 pieces of high protien, high complex carb bread

lunch - talapia, sweet potato or lentils

mid afternoon - chicken salad with mayo made from canola oil, bread, lettuce

dinner - talapia, chicken, turkey, sweet potato, veggie

before bed - another protein shake

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