Sunday, June 21, 2009

TRI TRI....first bonk, and injury

bonk: loss of energy and body shut down during physical training.

so yes, in addition to my milestone day yesterday and moving up in the category levels of cycling to the one who has fallen - came a scary, disconcerting feeling during the brick portion of the training. the run after the 26 mile ride. granted it was probably about 90 degrees and less than stellar air quality, but it happened. bonk. body locked up, lungs tight, and could not move (run) anymore. frozen & after just . 5 miles. not good. walking, OK - but not strong. what a great feeling in knowing that i have to make it just another 6 miles after my ride on race day. good job, christina.

injury....we all know what that means. pain. yup, that fun fall that happened 3 times over yesterday, had its consequences as the day went on. consequences that reared their ugly head in the face of extreme pain in my right quad. the guad (thigh) that i believe landed on a rock on my 3rd and final fall yesterday. interesting how you don't feel much after the fall initially. you know it really hurts, but you are in the middle of the road and have a ton of miles to go so you cannot think about it. move onward. later turning into a gimp, and could not put any weight on my right leg. nice. lets just say i had to skip a run today for the first time.

still TRIing

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