Friday, June 5, 2009

just keep going...

 the bouts of powerful silence discussed in a prior post, are at times juxtaposed with powerful conversations with yourself, well more like comments to yourself - ones that are working very hard on ignoring the extreme burning in your thighs, the numbness in your fingertips on the left hand, and the shoulder pain that slightly rears its presence as your seat is getting painful on the saddle. yes - this is when the conversations begin, YOU CAN DO THIS. ALMOST THERE. JUST COME ON. you actually speak this, it is not just in your head anymore. you talk to yourself. just great. and somehow it makes you feel better. lets hope this little habit that works during training does not become a habit outside of that.

then there are the times of the SERIOUSLY moments. moments when you are doing well, you have a good speed going on the bike, or at least you think so - that is until a very experienced rider slides by your side, and effortlessly leaves you in the dust. that is when the words SERIOUSLY comes to mind. they don't look like they are putting any more effort that you, actually they look like they are putting in less.  but off they go soaring in to the distance leaving you in their dust. they continue to get smaller and smaller and smaller - and then poof, they are gone. far, far ahead. what is missing? perhaps just time in the saddle. 

practice and TRI -  it will happen.

2nd brick training tomorrow.

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