Wednesday, June 17, 2009

mental limitations

6:30 a.m. run - nothing like it. and the heat has not kicked in, yet. 5 miles - well 4.64 to be exact. heart was good, cardio capacity felt strong - but ankle issues today. had to stop slightly before the goal in an effort to avoid a possible injury. 

interesting, too - everyone has their mental limits. it is the distance or effort you are used to doing for putting forth. mine was 3 miles. i had not run more than three miles outside. on a treadmill, yes  - but it has the belt to propel you, so that is different. but mine was three. last week i pushed 4 miles, now 5. this is so COOl. this is what you can do with your mind. just think it, and make it happen, because YOU CAN.

tomorrow: 6:00 a.m. cycle. probably 20-30 miles. phew!

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